“Summer Sixteen” famously known as Drake’s third song alluding to his rap beef with Meek Mill, he says “I might get a key to the city and give it to Wayne.” In less than a month, the Mayor of Toronto prophetically presents Drake with a key to Toronto. This got us thinking, “Who gets the Key to the City?”The Key to the City is a municipal award presented to accomplished residents or visitors whom the city or town wishes to award it to. The key does not open anything, rather it is a symbolic memorabilia, honoring a person’s accomplishments or contributions to a city.
Who gets the Key to the City?
It appears that mainly entertainers receive this prestigious award. Bryson Tiller and Foxy Brown recently received a key to Louisville, Kentucky and Brooklyn, NY, respectively. Yet, Foxy Brown has been in the game for twenty years and we can argue that Tiller has just arrived in the public eye in the last 2 years. What, then, is the criteria for receiving this award? Who chooses who gets the key? Is it the amount of albums you drop, YouTube views, or concert ticket sales? These type of questions are not answerable via Google search so we contacted Mayor Walsh’s office to find out. We’ll announce when we get a response!
With that being said, who do you think should get the Key to the City of Boston? Drop your comments below!